Job Details

Arkansas Ballot Petitioners- Customer Service Reps

Fayetteville, AR • Temp

Reference: 62534

300 Ballot Petition Workers Needed to get signatures in the state of Arkansas!
FLEXIBLE HOURS- Work the hours you want as long as quota is met. YOU PICK YOUR SCHEDULE.
UNCAPPED BONUSES- earn $1000 bonus per 1000 signatures. Unlimited Bonus Pay Out!
-Must have a vehicle for transportation (proof of insurance required)
-Smartphone is required for ballot taking
-Valid Driver’s License (2 forms of ID needed)
-Must be 18 or older
– You will be going door to door asking for signatures for a business trying to get on the ballot for voting in November
*It is an easy sell to people and not difficult to speak about. You will be trained properly!*
-Must have a customer service personality type and be a people person that can talk to anyone! This is a must.
-Job is available until July 1st
NO CONTACT IS REQUIRED FOR SIGNATURES: You will be following all COVID-19 guidelines and will not be put at risk for exposure.
_ Must pass background check only _
$3 PER SIGNATURE (unlimited daily maximum=$$$$)
$1000 bonus for every 1000 signatures you get
-30 Signatures are required per day-
(more people are home right now making this easier to receive)
Please click apply now and then "Arkansas" on the first drop down menu.
If you have questions feel free to chat us on the website or text us.
Thank you for your time!